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NEW ISSUES OF THRANGU EXPRESS POSTED: Volume VI Issue 3 Articles on: Precious human birth, dental camp held at SMD, SMD students win art prizes in city wide competition, end of first term exams, article by Tashi Sangpo an SMD grad on his experience at Phillips Academy in New Hampshire, poems songs and artwork, experience of an SMD volunteer, experience of Kunchok Lhamo at the International School of Asia, Karuizawa in Japan, swimming time at SMD, interview with SMD alumni Sonam Dolma Sherpa. Thr-express
ON-GOING EDUCATION: BRIINGING IT BACK TO THE HIMALAYAS- Stories about SMDers Tsewang Choden B330 and Pur Yudon B338 who are teaching in Lhi village written by Daniel Haran and Jane Marshall. Here's something from Daniel's account "It's a long and dangerous route up the Nubri Valley. Today one of the hostel teachers told me of surviving a bus accident on his way back; 6 people on board died. Tsewang Choden B330 is going back to Lhi tomorrow, taking that very same route."
KID'S CORNER: Interviews with Tenzin Lhamo n170, Bikash Lama D501, Tenzin Lhazom B364a - Three of our grade 8 and 9 kids answer questions about: where they are from, when they came to SMD, what their favorite subjects are, what they like about SMD and their dreams for the future.
ON-GOING EDUCATION: SMDers Teaching in Lhi - At Thrangu Rinpoche's urging, and with the help of friends in Canada who raised a fund called Himalayan Teachers Project, we are helping SMDers finish high school and do an undergraduate degree so they can teach. HTP has been ticking along nicely and we're on our third set of Reading Angels sent up into the Himalayas. In the last year or so, we've hooked up with a group called Hope Alliance (HA). They're enlarging the school in Lhi up to Class 6 and with community support, are building a hostel so kids can board.
ON-GOING EDUCATION: Pasang Lhamo B017 and the Lho Village School- Pasang Lhamo B017 finished Class 10 in spring 2012. SMD is extremely crowded and to Pasang’s keen disappointment, she was not selected to stay with us as a “Senior”. She decided to return to her village in Gorkha district to give service for a year. Lama Sonam Dorje Rinpoche (who is also from Lho village) was instrumental in shaping Pasang’s decision. Although the school building isn't finished yet, Pasang decided to teach the children and the villagers about hygiene.
SCHOOL LIFE: Kids Open Canteen to Inspire Acts of Kindness- SMD kids have opened a school canteen. Kids do the sales, stock inventory, manage the token system (teaching all the school to practice acts of kindness) all by themselves. We use plastic tokens, which children can earn for unsolicited acts of kindness (bodhicitta...helping others, as the Buddha taught). This system also teaches children who come from cashless villages how a monetary system works.


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In 1987, Thrangu Rinpoche founded SMD Boarding School near the Great Stupa in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal to serve the needs of children from the Himalayas where there are no schools. In 2002, Rinpoche opened SMD Branch School for Monks to relieve crowding at the main school. To learn more...


Rinpoche’s long-term aim is to preserve the culture, language and the Buddhist way of life of the Himalayas, and to give Himalayan children the tools to build a better future, so they can help their own people when they grow up. To learn more...


For the 11 years, SMD has scored a 100% pass rate in national Class 10 School Leaving Certifcate (SLC) exams. This year the national pass rate was 55.5%; SMDers eclipsed that! To learn more...


Thrangu Rinpoche's schools serve the needs of children who come from the far north of Nepal. The areas these kids come from are high altitude, and subject to climate extremes. In Himalayan villages, there are no roads, no electricity, no telecommunication, no running water, no sanitation, no health care and no schools. To learn more...


Both the main and branch schools rely upon the support of our sponors to cover all of their operating and building expenses. You can help by sponsoring in one of a number of ways - kids who board at the school or come for the day, a monk at the main school or the branch school. To learn more...


We have many stories written by the kids about their lives at SMD. Here's a sample: SMD is a new and a wonderful world for many poor students like us. It has given us things we never imagined. As many of us are from remote places like Dolpa, Nubri, Tsum, Manang, etc., we were ignorant of sophisticated technology like electricity, computers and transportation. To read more kid's stories



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