Kids who need Sponsors

We currently need sponsors for over 40 kids. If you would like to fully or partially sponsor a student, please refer to the Make a Donation page for donation/sponsorship details and Contact Us directly to get matched up with a child.

Meet a few of the kids here:


B19.20 – Boarding
Pema Sonam Lama
Girl, 6 years
Class: Nursery
B17.23 – Boarding
Sonam Sangpo Sherpa
Boy, 9 years  
Class: Special Junior
B18.14 – Boarding
Basanta Budha
Boy, 7 years
Class: Special Junior
B15.8 – Boarding
Lhakpa Dorje Sherpa
Boy, 8 years
Class: 2
B18.15 – Boarding
Dipak Aidy
Boy, 8 years
Class: Special Junior
B19.16 – Boarding
Pema Bhuti Lama
Girl, 5 years
Class: Nursery
B18.11 – Boarding
Tsering Tamang
Boy, 6 years
Class: Nursery
B19.1 – Boarding
Tsewang Dorje Lama
Boy, 6 years
Class: 1
B16.1 – Boarding
Migur Sherpa
Boy, 10 years
Class: 3
B18.8 – Boarding
Wangchuk Ladar Lama
Boy, 8 years
Class: 1


D18.11 – Day Student
Pasang Lhamo
Girl, 16 years
D12.33 – Day Student
Janjan Bhote
Boy, 9 years
Class: 5
D12.5 – Day Student
Pasang Lhamo Sherpa
Girl, 16 years
Class: 8
D13.5 – Day Student
Kelsang Tsedak Sherpa
Boy, 11 years
Class: 6


  • We’ve found that the older the child, the harder it is for us to find a sponsor.
  • We currently have more girls at the school than boys, but the majority of the kids who need sponsors are boys (we’ve been able to find more supporters for girls).
  • Overall, Thrangu Rinpoche has always equally educated girls and boys, nuns and monks, as Buddhism is about mind, which has no gender.
  • We have two ‘Special’ classes  for new students who are a little over-aged and missing the Tibetan or Nepali language. Our ‘Special’ class teachers speak all three languages: Tibetan, English and Nepali.