Make a Donation or Sponsor a Child

We are always in great need of donations no matter how small or large they may be.

You may make a donation to SMD Boarding School (general or item specific), contribute to the Building Fund (we are saving for a new school), or most importantly, Sponsor a Student. You may do so through one of our registered charitable organizations in Canada, USA, Hong Kong or Europe. Please see the respective details and links below.

Student Sponsorship Costs (May 2017 – April 2018)

We took in 42 new students this year and we still need sponsors for over 60 kids. Click here to meet some of our new kids >

  • A Boarding Student: $935
  • A Day Student: $420
  • A Young Monk: $480
  • Boarding Student: education, school supplies, room and board on a 12-month basis, uniform, clothing, and medical and dental care.
  • Day Student: education, uniform, school supplies and a hot lunch.
  • Young Monk: education, school supplies, a set of robes and shoes, medical and dental care.
  • Write to us at the school:
  • Sponsors: We need your mailing and email address so the kids can keep in touch!
  • Tax deductible donations can be made directly through one of Thrangu Rinpoche’s international charitable organizations (Canada, USA, Europe, or Hong Kong). Please see below.

Please see the full list of FAQ’s here.

Urgently Needed & Wish List Items

  • A small vehicle for the SMD clinic and city errands.
  • Multi vitamins: non-chewable, w/o sugar adult tablets (we break them in half for the kids) e.g. Natural Factors Complete Multi
  • 10 computers for the student lab (US$300 each)
  • 4 computers for the teacher’s staff room (US$300 each)
  • Kitchen repairs (US$3,000): one of the cooking vats needs to be relined with stainless steel. We’ve already commissioned this work (we work with super-heated steam).
  • Generator repairs (US$2,000)
  • Yearly Healthcare Fund (US$12,000 to $15,000): Supplies for SMD clinic, lab equipment, vaccines, medications, eye and dental care, hearing, vision, dental and hospitalization expenses for children and support staff (the variability relates to how many hospitalizations we have in a year).
  • Airmiles via Aeroplan for international fundraising, visa applications, and grade 11&12 student scholarship recipients abroad.
  • Books for our libraries at both schools from or wish lists.
  • Small carpets for dorm rooms ($15): The school is unheated. Temperatures reach 0C at night. Locally-made carpets keep kids’ feet warm and prevent colds.
  • Running shoes ($25): Kids play sports in bare feet, risking injury and hookworm infections.
  • Office supplies, board games, small stuffed toys, skipping ropes, hackysacks, balls, warm woolen socks and underwear, sports equipment, wool/yarn and knitting needles, hair clips and scrunchies, face paint, Karaoke discs, and art supplies ($35).
  • Electronic dictionaries to help students read English books more quickly.
  • Helmets, elbow and knee pads for our unicyclists (the Himalayan Unicycle Club!)
  • Driving lessons ($100): At SMD only a handful of people can drive. $100 trains one older student.
  • Sanitary products for girls for one month ($140)
  • Internet service payment for one month ($225)
  • Earthquake Survival Gear: mylar blankets, Petz headlamps, 1/2” nylon (not poly) rope in 50 metre lengths, work gloves for rescue team, solar flashlights (torches), duct tape, LifeStraws (personal water filters), and any other survival gear.
  • Solar batteries ($600): Nepal has daily power cuts in the dry season (nine months) and kids can’t study. SMD needs batteries for the library, clinic, stairwells and kitchen.
  • Picnic, concert or outing contributions (from $300 for smaller events to $5,000 for full day park picnic for 500+ students, teachers and staff): the kids live in a compound and seldom get out to play.
  • A New School Campus: We have a long term vision to build a larger school that can house more students and that is in a safer, less polluted environment away from the core of the city. Please contact us directly for more details on our plans.

Thrangu Rinpoche’s Charitable Organizations

Namo Buddha Foundation Canada
c/o Treasurer Betty Wong
PO Box 46898, Stn. D, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6J 5M4
NOTE: We prefer cheques as CanadaHelps takes a 3.9% fee.
Please make cheques payable to “Namo Buddha Foundation for SMD School”.
Thrangu Vajrayana Buddhist Centre Ltd.
c/o Lama Karma Dawa and Secretary Ling
Tel: 852–2760-8381
FRm 912, 9/F., Wah Shing Centre, No. 11-13 Shing Yip St., Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Karma Kagyu Charity
Vajra Vidya Centre
c/o Wolfgang Schmid
Tel: 49-8382-6807
Wackerstr. 47d, 88131 Lindau, Germany
Himalayan Children’s Fund
c/o Debra Ann Robinson-Menzies
P.O. Box 15644 Beverly Hills CA 90209 USA
Are you a government employee? Donate through the combined Federal Campaign CFC Designation Code 88367.