Volunteer at SMD

We are always happy to receive new volunteers! To facilitate the process and make it as meaningful and effective as possible for both parties, here are our guidelines for the type of individuals and skills/projects we are looking for:

Volunteering at SMD School

  • QUALIFIED SKILL: You have a specific skill your are looking to apply and teach. For example: singing, dancing, painting, writing, computers/electronics, video production, ESL teaching, leadership, proposal writing, student visa application processing, nutrition/health or similar.
  • COMMITMENT: You can commit to staying for a minimum of four months. We get a lot of people visiting the school and also many inquiries for short-term volunteer work. As much as we would love to accommodate everyone, we have to think of the kids first and also manage our time wisely. There are certainly exceptions and we are happy to discuss them on a case by case basis (e.g. we had a long-term sponsor come in to teach a three-day leadership workshop to our Senior students).
  • INDEPENDENCE: You are confident in setting up and running your program/class/project with little guidance and can provide or fundraise the necessary supplies to execute.
  • LEADERSHIP: You are industrious, caring and reliable, and most importantly, you love kids and want to learn from them as much as giving to them—volunteering at SMD is an exchange!

Visit Harry Pigot’s Blog & The Himalayan Makers Guild for exemplary volunteer work.

Please contact us directly to discuss.

Volunteering from Abroad

SMD School is wholly funded by donors and sponsors from 26 countries around the world. In addition to becoming a regular donor and/or sponsor of one or several of our students, we also welcome project specific volunteering that can be done remotely. For example:

  • FUNDRAISE: Hold a yearly fundraiser for SMD School as a whole or for a specific school fund (e.g. Building Fund, Ongoing Education Fund) or project. For ideas, see our Urgently Needed List and Wish List >
  • GROW THE NETWORK: Spread our story among your family, friends and networks and get them excited about our kids and yearly sponsorship. See some of our kids who still need sponsors >
  • BE A YAK: On your next trip to Nepal, check in with us ahead of time to see what supplies we might need (you can also check our Wish List), gather the items from your network, and bring them with you.
  • FIND A HOST SCHOOL & BE A HOST PARENT: Every year, we are looking for top international IB host schools to take a few of our brightest graduating grade 10’s on full scholarship so they may finish Grade 11 & 12 and receive their high school diploma, gaining invaluable international experience in the process. These students stay in boarding and get to visit their Host Parents on holidays and/or weekends while also receiving mentorship, guidance and support from them as much as needed. Read more about our SMD ‘Senior’ students here >

Please contact us directly to discuss.