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Life as SMD Volunteer

SMD School welcomes a select number of skilled volunteers who will commit to working with students in Kathmandu for a minimum of four months. We’re thrilled to currently have Harry Pigot as SMD Volunteer with us, a recent electrical engineering graduate from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Together with Senior SMD Student, Tashi Choeden Lama, Harry has designed a year-long class that teaches SMD kids programming and electronics.

Harry shares, “My objective is to inspire the students’ interest in technology and creativity, and to build their confidence. I want to show them that they are able to make things with their own hands to address challenges facing their own communities. Electronics and programming, and the basic concepts of engineering design are tools that can empower students to make positive change.”

Harry visited SMD School in 2010 and found the school very inspiring. He says, “The kids here are bright and motivated. They work hard to have opportunities that many people take for granted. In light of all of the support that I have received from family and friends throughout my education, the idea of trying to help these students as SMD Volunteer appeals to me.”

To learn more about Harry’s adventures with the SMD School kids in Kathmandu and the various class activities, such as Building a LED Light Circuit, visit Harry Pigot’s blog. To learn more about volunteering at SMD, visit our SMD School Volunteer page.

SMD Volunteer Harry Pigot

SMD Volunteer, Harry Pigot, teaches SMD kids about programming and electronics.

SMD Senior Student, Tashi Choeden Lama, is assisting SMD Volunteer, Harry Pigot, with the Programming and Electronics class at SMD School.

SMD School kids learn how to build a LED Light Circuit.